Lovely Mallorca

¡Hola, dear reader!

We finally made it to my summer home on the beautiful island of Mallorca and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back. There’s water to play in everywhere, the food is yummy (I’m finally getting my fair share of ice cream, not like last year) and the scenery is delightful as usual.

Let’s see, what can I tell you about my recent days. The authorities have finally installed a more adequately sized Cacoon on the balcony although that’s really thanks to that darling Nick who sent it to me, what a dear.

Unfortunately the authorities can read so they figured out that even though this Cacoon looks smaller, it can take the same weight as the big one so they insist on coming in with me. But then I can usually get them to read to me so all’s well again.

Oh, and speaking about ice cream earlier – the authorities have bought a magic machine that MAKES ICE CREAM!!! I thought the box it came in was the coolest thing ever but turns out the machine is pretty nifty too.

Another fortunate development has been the purchase of a bike seat for me. Now I can lead the transportation man to buy croissants in the mornings and make sure that he gets one for me too. In the afternoons he uses it to chauffeur me to the beach. Altogether a very thoughtful investment.

I’ve been working on some new hairstyles too but I’m not convinced this is the right look for me.

I try to visit the beach or the pool at least once a day and especially now that the authorities have bought me a bucket and a shovel, it’s great fun. (Although it seems that they play more with that stuff than me. I prefer feeling the essence of the beach on my hands and smearing sand all over Catering. She loves it, I swear.) Will have to get some pictures from the beach soon.

¡Hasta pronto!

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