Some Snapshots From My Week

Hello dear reader,

I’m sure you are anxious to hear how I fare and I am only to happy to report that things are excellent here in NYC. There are so many playgrounds in this city that I’m quite sure that even me, with a diligent schedule and willing authorities, might not be able to see them all. Though not for lack of trying! Today we went to two new playgrounds by the river which was lovely what with the view and all. And there were boats too! Best of all though, one of the playgrounds was hidden behind some trees and buildings and it had the biggest slide I’ve ever seen. But because it was hidden there was no one there but us, HA! Brilliant.

But it’s not all playgrounds all the time, lest you think I didn’t fully appreciate the rest of this marvelous city. I’ve taken the authorities to plenty of museums too: the Natural History museum, the New York Fire museum, the Metropolitan museum and the New York Hall of Science.

So yes, I’m enjoying this city to the max. It’s starting to get a bit colder now so we’ll see what that brings. Hopefully gloves and yet more playgrounds but you never know with these authorities…

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  1. kuru says:

    Hadn’t seen these. Where is that long slide? Wonderful all of them. But am missing dinosaurs….

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