Escaping the Cold (But Not the Sniffles)

Dear reader,

Why freeze when you can sit in the sun in a t-shirt in January? Really, why? I’m so glad the authorities are with me on this and have arranged my stay here on the Canary Islands. So far I’ve only seen one of them (Gran Canaria) but I like it. Very different from my all-time favorite, Mallorca, but still quite nice. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be a sure-fire bet against colds so Transportation, BabyPaw and I are all still sniffling like congested anteaters. But sea air is supposed to be good for that, right?!

We went to the main town, Las Palmas, for a bit and it was alright. The playgrounds could use some work if you ask me but they never do, do they? The tapas are huge, more like real plates. So the authorities are constantly moaning that they’re full and they can’t eat anymore. Wusses…

But today we did my favorite thing yet: we went to the botanical garden. Not only were there ponds with frogs and ducks, there were tons of PINE NEEDLES! If you’ve never played in a bed of pine needles you don’t know what you’re missing. Really, go out and find one right now and tell me if you don’t agree. Actually, don’t tell me because I won’t believe you.

Tomorrow we’re off to the next island, La Palma. (They’re not very imaginative in the naming department here…) There’s not much to do besides star-gazing apparently. I’ll keep you posted!

Hasta la vista,

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