Hills and Cobblestones

Dear reader,

So that pretty much sums up the city: hills and cobblestones. They have elevators, ELEVATORS, to get from one level of the city to the next. Crazy. (Good fun though…) The cobblestones would be fine but it means sitting in the stroller is very uncomfortable and the authorities have no pity whatsoever and laugh at me whenever I complain. And then they make me walk. Humph.

But other than that, Lisbon is a great city. Small-ish but full of good restaurants, great views and when the wind dies down, lovely weather.

Yesterday we took the train to a suburb called Belem where they make the best cream pies in all of Portugal. Don’t shoot me but I think they all taste kinda the same. Maybe these were creamier? Whatever, we had pies. And saw a monastery.

We also went to the national carriage museum. They have enough carriages here to warrant a whole museum because Portugal used to have a king and queen and apparently they took carriages everywhere.

So yeah, Lisbon is a great place.

SmallPaw (aka PataPequena)

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