Slowly, and Happily, Turning Into Sloths

You guys! These islands are amazing… Everything is just so beautiful and the people are real friendly. And the beaches, wow, don’t even get me started on the beaches. I know Mami and Papi haven’t posted much here and they feel really bad about that but we were having such a good time every day! And we’ve seen so much from canyons to volcanos to whales. Let me show you some of it:

So yeah, Kauai and Big Island were awesome too. And now we’re on Maui, our fourth and final island of the trip. We’re going to visit a farm and see more beaches and maybe see some baby lambs too. Maybe I can convince Mami and Papi to stay a bit longer yet…

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  1. giulia simoni says:

    Wow, wow, wow!!!! It looks beautiful and now I really want to go too!
    Love Hannah and Alec! He is such a happy baby! Can’t wait to see you

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