Swimming With the Fishes

This is not a veiled threat from the mob, we really did swim with a whole school of fish yesterday in our little bay. One of the many boats that come during the day to anchor had a baguette left over and they started throwing crumbs into the water right as we were swimming past with the kids. Fish started to leap out of the water to get at the bread and when we stuck our heads under water to see what was going on, a huge number of fish were swimming all around us! Unfortunately we don’t have a water-proof camera but SmallPaw was in total heaven and started swimming through the fish trying to scare them. “Just like pigeons!” she told us, happily.
We’ve also seen two octopodes (or octopuses, if you prefer) swimming around. So maybe the Med isn’t completely dead. Or we’re just really lucky.

So yes, as advertised in our last post, there’s been A LOT of swimming going on here. Not much else really besides a little baptism-tree-planting party for BabyPaw and the usual errand running that comes with suddenly having to take care of a house again. Oh, the joys and wonders of domesticity…

Anyway, first some swimming videos:

I love that last video. BabyPaw tries real hard to get into the game but when it doesn’t work, oh well, lalala he’ll do a little dance instead… That’s my boy.

Speaking of the boy, his “baptism” is finally under the roof as well! There was a tree planting and plenty of paella, followed by drinks at the beach. Perfectly lovely.

Now we’re already on our last four weeks here. Wait, what?! How did this happen? And what are we going to do next?? Ah, you’ll see. I promise we will keep you in the loop.

4 Responses to “Swimming With the Fishes”

  1. Mikki Ansin says:

    Maybe I”m already on the list….
    Everyone looks gorgeous and happy and grown up!!! Sending lots of love,

  2. Curt says:

    Wow, BabyPaw is almost swimming? What a dude!

  3. giulia says:

    love that baby paw! what about all the games you play….the ones I try to understand but are way to advanced for me ;-))

  4. Kuru says:

    Finally managed to see the paws from the office. Loverly and refreshing !Still no internet at home.
    love you,

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