London Rules

Dear reader,

What a fantastic town! There are big, red, double-decker busses and palaces, ducks and pigeons, carousels and a giant ferris wheel! (Which I have been on the Authorities assure me but I don’t remember it so I think I’m entitled to go again, don’t you agree?) And that was just one day… This bodes well for the month.

We had a delicious lunch in Chinatown:

Walked through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens:

And did a long stop at this wonderful playground:

Went to the Science museum for some ice cream:

(Just kidding, we also looked at some of the exhibits. Ask me anything about cosmonauts. Come on, just ask. I’m an expert.)

BabyPaw in the meantime continues to sleep most of his days away. Some of the nights, too. If only he knew what he’s missing!

It was also Halloween but I’m not really clear on what that is yet. There were pumpkins everywhere and the people downstairs gave me a lollipop, which was awfully nice of them but why would they only do that one day of the year?? Anyway, I got to wear a witch hat at the book store so that was fun.

Like I said, London rules. Stay tuned for more!


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